Green hydrogen storage solutions


Hydrogen-based electrical storage in MWh size

Store electrical energy wherever you need it

DASH Power Systems are containerized and fully integrated systems combining GRZ Technologies’ proprietary solid-state hydrogen storage, automotive-grade fuel cell systems, and auxiliary components. They are charged with hydrogen from any source and deliver on-demand electrical power for your application. DASH Power unlock the opportunities enabled by the hydrogen-based electricity storage. Whether it is for efficient and affordable power generation, enhanced grid management, system services, or other applications, our technology will enable you to store large quantities of electrical energy wherever you need it. DASH Power offers the lowest levelized cost of electricity storage for all decentral technologies.

Storage Capacity 0.9 to 4.5 MWh
Nominal output Power 175 – 500 kW
Electrical interface 3-phase 400 V 50/60 Hz
Hydrogen supply pressure 30 – 45 bar(g)
Hydrogen supply purity 4.5 (> 99.995%)
Communication interface TCP/IP OPC UA and hardwired
External Cooling requirements None
Container 20ft-ISO hi-cube, C5 paint, equipped with doors, fans, ventilation, light, gas sensors, dry cooler, etc.
Footprint 14.8 m² (20 ft ISO container)
Weight < 29.25 t
Ambient temperature -5 – +38 °C
Expected service life > 20 years