Innovation and Technology

Policies focused on continuous development

AMPO continuously invests in diversification, technological modernization, digital transformation and innovation, as a clear leader in developing fluid handling solutions worldwide. The company thus invests 2% of its turnover in innovation every year. To this end it has a major engineering team fully dedicated to the development of new products, technologies, systems and solutions, and also actively collaborates with its customers’ engineering teams and technology centers, engineering practices and universities around the globe, so as to remain at the cutting edge of the industry.

AMPO is a dynamic and proactive company which aims to remain at the forefront of the development and application of new technological solutions and smart systems.

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Information security

At AMPO we are absolutely committed to information security and the security of our ICT systems, both in internal operational processes and for our customers and partners, with a specific Information Security Policy in place for this purpose.

The goal of the policy is to guarantee the required confidentiality for all types of information, to maintain information integrity, ensuring that it undergoes no alteration from the point at which it is generated by its owners, while lastly ensuring the availability of information on all storage media and whenever necessary.

In response to the growing trend in terms of so-called cyberthreats, AMPO also has a specific Cybersecurity Plan in place.

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