Preventive and predictive maintenance services

The aim of AMPO is to provide integral preventive and predictive maintenance services to ensure good valve performance and proper operation. That is why it offers the following ad-hoc consultancy services:

Predictive Maintenance

Valve Condition Monitoring Service: AMPO RCM (Remote Condition Monitoring).

AMPO POYAM VALVES has developed an innovative system for monitoring valves installed anywhere in the world. Specifically, monitoring valves’ torque /position. This system detects possible future errors that may occur in the valves installed at the plant so that they can prevent unexpected plant shutdowns. This system ensures that the valves are continuously connected, so that we offer monitoring and analysis of the situation of the valves.

Preventive Maintenance

AMPO SERVICE offers Maintenance Plan developments, which are focused on avoiding unexpected plant/unit shutdowns. Using predictive maintenance tools, AMPO SERVICE expertise and real data from the customers, we are able to develop a plan including maintenance plan for each valve, spare/valve stock rates, valve rotation programs, etc.