Training services

Our close collaboration with customers leads to the development of tailored training programs for the staff responsible for the construction/installation, operation and maintenance of the plant.

This training program addresses issues related to valves, actuators, regulation fine adjustment, etc., focusing on preventive maintenance, spare parts management and ensuring that the plant is as self-sufficient as possible. The optimal maintenance of the equipment will ensure an optimal service life of the valves.

Training programmes consist of theoretical training and practice. On the theoretical part we mainly focus on the identification and description of the valves installed in the plant, together with an accurate description of each valve, key pieces and spare part kits. And we also talk about the main performance challenges of our valves and operability issues. Regarding practical training, we identify the parts physically and do practice of correct assembly and disassembly of the internal pieces to avoid damages and assure correct performance of the valve apart from inspect spare part kits composition, etc.

Training may be given on-site or on the premises of AMPO POYAM VALVES.