Spare parts

AMPO SERVICE offers replacement services for valve components, technical support and needs assessment. Always with the best possible service and quality.

Consulting Services Program

AMPO SERVICE can help you during plant construction or a shutdown with the definition of all the spare parts, kits and tools recommended to have in stock in order to guarantee effective service development.

Accurate planning is vital for successful plant commissioning or shutdowns, and our Field Engineering Service technicians can help you by completing and preparing spare part kits, performing easier and faster valve maintenance tasks or commissioning at site.

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Optimized Management Program

AMPO SERVICE has extensive worldwide experience working hand-in-hand with the technical staff of the plants to define optimum spare parts availability so as to be able to address any unexpected scenario and to fix it with the minimum impact on plant production.

Moreover, it also has lengthy experience defining customer’s needs in regards of spare parts, considering criteria such as; valve families, design types, actuation, amount per item, flanged and welded valves, critical valves, etc.

AMPO SERVICE thus provides an integrated solution which addresses each valve’s needs for the scenarios below, and covers the following issues: valve functionality, external leakage and internal passing.

  • Functionality repair kit
  • External leakage kit
  • Internal passing repair kit
  • Special tools
  • Valve inspection kit
  • Valve replacement
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Fast-track services for spare parts

AMPO SERVICE offers fast-track services to industry operators all around the world in order to help them maintain and support their operational plants.

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