Our Employees

The well-being, satisfaction and professional development of AMPO’s people is one of our company’s main priorities. People are the bedrock of our mission, our values, our strategy and our management, which is why we define ourselves as a people-based project.

All our teams are self-managed, aware of and involved in AMPO objectives and strategy, which are defined and agreed at all times at the cooperative’s General Assembly.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate priority for all our people, as the guarantor of their future. They are therefore committed to quality, service, cost, health and safety at work, on the path towards excellence. AMPO is in turn fully committed to achieving the highest levels of professional skills among its people, by allowing and encouraging their creativity, placing them at the heart of a constantly innovative project, shared by facilitating communication, information, transparency, etc.

Gender equality

AMPO has since 2015 held recognition from Emakunde, the Basque Women’s Institute, as an Organization Contributing to Equality of Women and Men, thanks to its Equality Committee and current Equality Plan.

The goal of this Plan is to champion the principle of equality and promote its application at the cooperative, guaranteeing the principle of equal opportunities in the hiring of new employees, ensuring that everyone enjoys the same economic and professional development opportunities, promoting equality in forms of expression, both spoken and written, promoting work-life balance and preventing and resolving cases of sexual discrimination and harassment.


Occupational health and safety

At AMPO we are firmly committed to preventing occupational risk, as our fundamental goal in maintaining the health and safety of all. We develop this commitment through our risk prevention management system, with all processes approved under ISO 45001 certification. This allows us to achieve optimal and continuous handling of risks and opportunities in the sphere of occupational health and safety, providing a safe and healthy working environment.

Download ISO 45001 certification

Physical and emotional well-being are essential in order to live a healthy, balanced and happy life, which is why AMPO has its own medical and physiotherapy service, available to everyone at the company.