Social Commitment

Quality education

At AMPO we believe that education is one of the most important factors in personal and social advancement and progress, which is why we collaborate with local schools and universities. Aside from providing knowledge, education enriches our culture, our values, and all that serves to define us as people.

Which is why each year we make substantial donations to schools in our district.

We should also mention that AMPO has historically at all times promoted the founding of educational institutions, universities and technology centers, such as: Goierri Eskola, LORTEK Technology Center, etc.

Meanwhile, aware of the importance of training in consolidating the ongoing process of improving our organization and the quality of our products and services, as well as the need continuously to adapt to the new challenges that the organization takes on each year, and to increase the level of multi-functionality among our people and so make them more flexible, AMPO dedicates considerable efforts to training our people.

To this end we have a two-year training plan in place, covering all aspects connected with the development of personal knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Commitment to the community

Enable fair and sustainable social development. That is AMPO’s core commitment to society in the local area where it undertakes its operations, as specifically stated in its mission. This means an active contribution to improving the socio-economic structure of the communities where it operates, and in which it also plays an active part.

Its initiatives contribute to people’s well-being, promote care for the environment, sport and culture, underpin the social economy and cooperative movement, support development cooperation initiatives, extend access to education, etc. All within a framework based on equality.

And so in accordance with society’s changing needs, the cooperative each year sets aside a substantial allocation of economic resources and dedicated staff hours to contribute to the socio-economic development of its surroundings and the society to which it belongs.

Cultural initiatives and activities

AMPO supports and promotes cultural and traditional activities and initiatives in the immediate environs, in particular partnerships with: local and district cultural associations and centers, associations promoting cultural diversity, associations encouraging art, dance, music, mythology, organic food, language, etc.

Sporting initiatives and activities

AMPO sponsors high-profile local sports teams, such as:

Sporting initiatives and activities

AMPO Ordizia rugby

AMPO has been sponsoring the AMPO ORDIZIA rugby team for some years now. The association was founded in 1973, offering numerous young people the chance to experience the sport of rugby. It currently has a team in the national top league, as well as both male and female junior teams. We also see the values of AMPO ORDIZIA as a true reflection of the essence of our cooperative: teamwork, effort, dedication, commitment, etc.

GOIERRI local cycling team

AMPO also sponsors the local cycling team in the valley, to promote cycling at different levels. The organization promotes cycling at schools, and also in the junior and youth categories. The team provides cyclists from the valley with the chance to enjoy their bike riding, along with the coaching they need to step up to the professional category.

Sporting initiatives and activities

Support is likewise given to other local associations in such sports as football, basketball, handball, athletics, rural sports, boxing, tennis, swimming, mountain sports, pelota, pala, etc.

Sporting initiatives and activities

Social initiatives and activities:

AMPO works with a number of non-profit associations to promote active aging, provide access to the most advanced and effective treatments for children with cancer or rare diseases to increase their life expectancy and quality of life, support those fighting cancer and other diseases, etc.

At AMPO we are aware that a long-term vision is built day by day.