Last October 3 we celebrated, as every year, the Retirees’ Day in AMPO. The main aim of this celebration is to maintain the relationship among current members of the cooperative and retirees.

One hundred retirees came to AMPO early in the morning, and once arrived, the Governing Board Secretary Iurgi Larrañaga and the Managing Director Ibon Imaz, informed them about the current situation of the cooperative. Among other things, they let them know about the industry situation, they shared with them the main milestones of 2019 and finally, they also informed them about the future challenges of AMPO.

After the presentation, the retirees had the opportunity to visit our new machining plant, where they were able to see the latest investments in machining centres, cladding technologies, new complex components, etc.

Afterwards, we moved to Ormaiztegi to visit a leading coach and buses manufacturer, IRIZAR, which is also a cooperative company. We had the opportunity to know more about their production process, and they also kindly presented us their latest news.

At midday, they whole enjoyed a meal in the restaurant Mujika, in Liernia.