We have recently installed new Oxygen service clean room facilities in our valve manufacturing plant in Idiazabal and are nowadays fully operational. Oxygen is reactive at ambient conditions, and its reactivity increases with increasing pressure, temperature and concentration. Most materials, metallic and non-metallic, are flammable in high-pressure oxygen, and that is why AMPO POYAM VALVES oxygen service valves are designed and manufactured without any ignition hazards.

Our new ISO 7 clean room for oxygen service valves has been built in accordance to ISO 14644 standard and counts with the following areas: an entrance and a changing room, a dark room, an assembly area and a testing and packing area.

Here we assure cleanliness at every manufacturing step.

The successful design, development, and operation of oxygen service valves require special knowledge and understanding of material properties, design, ignition mechanisms, and manufacturing and operational processes, and AMPO has a wide experience on oxygen service valve design and manufacturing.

See the following video that we have recorded on our new facilities!