Work safety should not be improvised; it should be well planned and developed.

Within the framework of our annual Occupational Health and Safety Training Plan, and with the aim of offering more robust training sessions in terms of contents and dedication, 100% of our staff in Idiazabal will receive various training sessions on Occupational Health and Safety, showing once again AMPO’s commitment to safety.

Several of the training sessions are already being held and each person will dedicate an average of 20 hours to it, promoting the construction of a safety culture. In these sessions, organized with the support of our Occupational Health and Safety services company OSARTEN, we are developing diverse content related to risk prevention, both general and specific, all of them customized to the job position of each person.

With these renewed training sessions, we want to continue improving behavior as well as safety conditions of our people. It is clear to us all: prevention is everyone’s responsibility and training is key for that.