AMPO is participating in the Smart Oil & Gas Project

Smart Oil & Gas project, in which AMPO is participating with other 5 Basque companies, with the support of the Basque Energy Cluster and with various agents of the Basque Science, Technology & Innovation Network, has the objective to promote Basque companies in the Oil & Gas sector with a strategy of differentiation with higher value-added products and integrated solutions designing and developing new technologies, components and smart, modular and integrated solutions for upstream applications within the oil and natural gas industry.

This project has a budget of 5,6 million euros for the period 2019-2021 and it is financed by Basque Government’s “Hazitek” program and with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The consortium is leaded by TUBACEX and counts with, in addition to the participation of AMPO, the collaboration of other four leading companies in the sector (Erreka, Fidegas, Hadimek and Alerion), the support of different Research Centres (Tecnalia, Azterlan, CEIT and Ikerlan) and also with the singular collaboration of companies such as Fansens and Lumiker.

In order to achieve the common objective of the project, AMPO will have to face a series of technological challenges such as achieving specific characteristics by the design, material development and manufacturing processes of its valves, and to fulfil the specifications and applied regulations to each component for their application in Oil & Gas upstream. AMPO will also have to collaborate with the rest of the participants to develop modular solutions and to verify the operation of all the developments in marine environments. For that purpose, they will use the HarsLab of BIMEP and also hyperbaric test benches.


You will find more information on the website of the project: