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AMPO Social Commitment

Society plays a leading role within AMPO. A substantial part of our mission is to create wealth and employment to benefit the local area in which our company undertakes its activities.

We therefore allocate significant economic resources and the dedication of our people to contribute to the socio-economic improvement of the environment and society into which we are integrated. AMPO is actively involved in activities to share its experience with society and it also acts on the concerns shown by other progressing organisations.

As a reflection of this involvement, we participate in organisations such as NER GROUP and GOILAN. The former is an association in which several corporate organizations, united by the New Style of Relationships, share experiences, synergies and knowledge; they join forces to improve, to advance, to be more efficient and to obtain better results; and they are accompanied by others on the road to a profound cultural change instigated by this New Style of Relationships (NSR). The latter has, as its primary objective, to foster the growth of cooperatives in its region.

AMPO Social Commitment

AMPO actively participates in educational, cultural, sporting and social projects etc., such as the following:

  • We promote the creation of teaching centres, universities and technological centres (Goierri Eskola, Lortek Technological Centre, etc.)
  • We provide work-experience for students, to enable them to develop their projects and aim for a career with AMPO.
  • We promote local culture: Euskararen Eguna, supports communication media in the Basque country, etc.
  • We support local sports communities: AMPO ORDIZIA (rugby team), Basque pelota, football, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Social Projects