AMPO SERVICE has supplied 15 highly engineered valves for La Rabida Energy Park in Andalusia, Spain, where CEPSA has started to produce advanced biofuels (2G) with used cooking oils at its refinery. The project revalues the plant that was designed to remove sulfur from fossil fuels into a new installation capable of producing sustainable diesel (hydrobiodiesel), from vegetable oil, vegetable residues or fats of animal origin not intended for human consumption. This has been an important milestone towards a more sustainable energy model as well as to promote circular economy, which has been developed in record time and thanks to an innovative process managed by CEPSA. These sustainable fuels can reduce emissions by up to 90% over their entire life cycle (compared to conventional fuels).

In total 15 Pressure seal design gate valves in Inconel 625 and WC6 were successfully delivered in just 16-18 weeks for CEPSA’s planned shutdown. AMPO POYAM VALVES was able to produce these highly engineered and special valves with short term deliveries because our foundry is fully in line with our manufacturing processes and because we also have a strong supplier’s network close to our manufacturing plant. Moreover AMPO POYAM VALVES is considered one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high pressure service valves and the pressure rating for those pressure seal design valves was up to 1500#.

AMPO POYAM VALVES is an approved vendor for CEPSA, who trusted in AMPO for the development of this project due to our flexibility, experience, quality and response capability. AMPO is completely in line with CEPSA’s strategy of transforming their energy parks to promote decarbonization by producing green molecules, mainly biofuels and green hydrogen, and we are committed to be CEPSA’s and other worldwide end user’s best partner in achieving sustainability goals and to go beyond net zero carbon intensity.

Besides offering Fast track replacement services, AMPO SERVICE provides the following services worldwide: MRO services, tailored engineering solutions, spare parts, Field Engineering Services (FES), training services, preventive and predictive maintenance services and repair and maintenance centers.