On February 22 the Basque Hydrogen Corridor was formalized. The BH2C project will contribute to change the energy and economic model to advance in the decarbonization of strategic sectors such as energy, mobility, industry and services, being Hydrogen the protagonist in the Basque Country’s transition towards climate neutrality.

The Basque Hydrogen Corridor has its origin in Repsol’s strategic decision to invest in the Basque Country in projects that involve further progress in the energy transition and thus achieve its goal of being a zero net emissions company in 2050. In addition, Petronor, an important and historical customer for AMPO, is committed to turning the Basque Country into a hydrogen hub, making a definitive shift towards a green productive economy.

AMPO, together with 58 companies, 8 institutions and 12 knowledge centers, and led by Repsol-Petronor, will offer all its capacities and knowledge to develop the techno-industrial chain of the hydrogen economy in the Basque Country.

This project is based on a comprehensive strategy that includes 34 projects throughout the value chain and are grouped into: production of renewable hydrogen and synthetic fuels, mobility and distribution logistics, decarbonization of industry, urban and residential uses, infrastructure and industrial technology development.