AMPO SERVICE is providing construction and commissioning services for Plateau Tailing Dam project at the Paragominas bauxite mine, located in the east of the state of Pará in Northern Brazil.

Several AMPO SERVICE engineers have moved to Brazil in order to guarantee the correct installation and commissioning in plant of a total of 65 severe service valves that AMPO POYAM VALVES supplied previously in 2016. Moreover, they will also ensure the correct installation of the hydraulic valve operation systems.

Whole the valves will be installed on the tailings pipeline of the bauxite mine owned by HYDRO (MINERAÇAO PARAGOMINAS S.A), whose main objective is bauxite transportation. The valve sizes ranges from 2” to 24” and the pressure range varies from 150# to 900#.

AMPO SERVICE engineers have coordinated for several months the start-up service activities in close collaboration with the customer, with the aim of carrying out the construction and commissioning activities in the most efficient way. In addition to this, AMPO SERVICE is also providing training plans for operators and maintenance technicians responsible for construction/installation, operation and maintenance of the plant. This training program addresses issues related to valves, actuators, regulation, etc., focusing on preventive maintenance and ensuring that the plant is as self-sufficient as possible.

The integral service provided by AMPO SERVICE will once again be very useful for the customer in the construction and commissioning of its project.