AMPO is a leading international company and in order to maintain our status as a world reference, we have launched a LEAN transformation project.

The LEAN system has its origin in the production method developed by Toyota during the 1950s, the aim was for continuous improvement, efficient response, consistent quality review, ongoing service and evaluation of customer needs.

The philosophy of the LEAN system is a pathway to excellence which involves intense teamwork for all at AMPO.

To establish the project principals we are carrying out extensive analysis and assessment of the company’s value chain. This review, in accordance with the LEAN philosophy will increase greater control and synchronization of the complete manufacturing process, it will also provide flexibility to teams and simplify the material flow.

The process includes the combination and balancing of staff task’s, the process having been enthusiastically embraced by all at AMPO.

AMPOs objectives for the implementation of LEAN will be to offer the customer added value and  continued  recognition as a company of  ongoing  review, development   and excellence.