AMPO POYAM VALVES has currently an extensive sales network all around the world, with an active presence in more than 60 countries. In order to analyze the ongoing year and mainly to design the commercial strategy for 2018, the annual delegates’ meeting has been held this week in Idiazabal. This year we have received the visit of the following country delegates: China, India, USA, UK, Spain, Australia, Thailand, Russia, etc.


Since Tuesday to Thursday we shared with them the latest organizational and technical advances and the latest developments regarding new products and technologies at AMPO.

Moreover, we have also placed an important emphasis on the New Strategic Plan 2017-2020, sharing with them key future projects, key future production projects, new market developments, etc. in order to align whole the delegates with the new AMPO Strategy.

Besides, we have also presented the projects that have been launched this year with the aim of implementing a LEAN Manufacturing culture in AMPO. The objectives for the implementation of LEAN are to offer customers added value and to achieve a continued recognition as a company of ongoing review, development and excellence.

Whole the delegates roles have been really important in all the meetings that have been held, as they have shared with us information regarding to projects as well as our customer’s needs and requirements.


AMPO’s main strategy continues being to achieve customer’s loyalty by providing first-class solutions to their needs.


During the last day, all delegates were able to take advantage of the visit to get a closer look to the latest developments in AMPO regarding new products and technologies, as well as the opening of new facilities, such as the new Machining Workshop, where we count with Intelligent machine tools.