Next February 16 will be held in Bilbao (Spain) a conference about technological opportunities in natural gas and hydrogen liquefaction and degasification.

Leire Colomo, head of innovation at AMPO POYAM VALVES, has been invited to participate as speaker at this conference and she will talk about the technological system of LNG equipment and the challenges for its adaptation to LH2.

This event, sponsored by SENER and organized by SuPrEn, will take place from 10.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m in the COIBB’s event hall. The conference is directed towards industrial companies that use natural gas and hydrogen in their manufacturing processes, companies that distribute industrial gases, companies that manage electrical and thermal generation facilities, engineering and consultancy firms, business organizations and, in general, towards technicians related to energy and environment.

The integration of liquefaction and degasification processes in the production of natural gas and hydrogen, based on energy storage, results in a more sustainable energy mix. The application of associated technologies make the industrial exploitation viable, providing a significant reduction in greenhouse effect gases as well as the elimination of pollution focal points, with the consequent benefit for the health and the environment.


The conference programme:

09:30   Reception

10:00   Presentation

10:15   Natural gas and hydrogen liquefaction and degasification processes.

Speaker: Dr. José Francisco Cambra Ibáñez

Chemical Engineering and Environment Department.  ETSI.  Bilbao.

10:40   Challenges in the design of vessels for liquefied gases transportation. From LNG to LH2.

Speaker: Mrs. María Ángeles López Castejón

I.R. Industrial and Naval Division / Vessels section. SENER.

11:05   Vessels construction for LNG transport

Speaker: Mr. Iñaki Irasuegui Gorostizaga

Chief Consultant Engineer. La Naval

11:30   Break

12.00   Large-scale hydrogen production systems.

Speaker:  Mr. Gonzalo Navarro del Valle

Responsible for Large Industries Processes.  AIR LIQUIDE

12:30   Technological systems for LNG equipment and challenges for their adaptation to LH2.

Speaker:  Mrs. Leire Colomo Zulaika

Product Development. AMPO

13.00   Materials and components. Industrial opportunities with Hydrogen.

Speaker: Dr. Iñaki Azkarate Peña

Energy and Environment Division.  TECNALIA

13:30   Discussion

14:00   Conclusions