Safety and Compliance


At AMPO we are firmly committed to occupational risk prevention, being our main objective to preserve the safety and health of our team. We develop this commitment through our occupational risk prevention management system, being all processes approved by the ISO 45001 certification. This allows us to optimally and continuously assess risks and opportunities in terms of occupational risk prevention and health and safety at work, thus providing a safe and a healthy working environment.


Physical and emotional well-being is essential to have a healthy and a balanced life, and that is why AMPO has its own medical and physiotheraphy service, which is available to all workers.


At AMPO we are absolutely committed to information security and the security of our ICT systems, both in internal operating processes and also regarding our customers and collaborators, having an specific Information Security Policy for that.

The main objective of this policy is to guarantee the necessary confidentiality in each type of information, to maintain information’s integrity so that it does not suffer alterations with respect to the moment in which it was generated by its responsible, and finally to ensure the availability of the information in all media and whenever it is necessary.

In addition to this, and taking into account the growing trend of cyber threats, AMPO also has an specific Cyber Security Plan.


Criminal Compliance Policy

At AMPO we are completely committed to excellence in every area, including matters regarding our ethical and legal responsibility. Due to that we have a Criminal Compliance Policy, where we express explicitly and categorically our “zero tolerance” with criminal acts, as well as with lacks of ethics. This culture of compliance extends to all our actiities, both in Spain and in other countries where AMPO is present.

Code of conduct

Our decisions and actions are what make up who we are on a daily basis, and the principles, values and behaviour are what inspire us. At AMPO, our vision is very clear. We have no doubts about where we are heading. We want to be a cooperative project and contribute solutions that are adapted to meet our clients’ needs, and for this we are a global reference in the energy sector. However, we must offer this added value for our clients in an ethical and sustainable way to ensure progress in our society.

Consequently, the responsibility of each person that makes up the AMPO project is crucial to continue strengthening our commitment to society. This responsibility is based on  appropriate ethical behaviour in keeping with the criteria established in this Code of Conduct set out below.