Internal weld overlay technologies

AMPO’s solid commitment to high performance and top quality products provides the best welding technology and solutions for any kind of welding needs:

  • Our advanced technologies and high productivity allow AMPO to produce the entire range of weld overlays on any kind of base materials in the shortest turnaround times using rare materials.
  • High quality surface coatings of Stellite 6, Ultimet, Nikel, Inconel 625, Incoloy 825, Colmoloy, Cuprenikel and other hard-facing alloys are assured by the use of the following state of the art technology: controlled preheating, automatic Plasma Arc hard-facing equipment and a controlled cooling process.
  • For special applications and processes, different coatings and hardenings are applied in sealing and contact areas for anti-corrosion, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-coking, metal dusting resistance, etc. Our Technological Services and the associated research centers work in close cooperation on each project, to specifically design special treatments such as plasma nitridings, mechanical plating, and PVD coating.