Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities


AMPO HEADQUARTERS are located in Idiazabal (Spain), and it comprises an area about 45,000 square meters, with the following facilities:

  • Our own Foundry: AMPO has four production lines (Sand Moulding, Ceramic Moulding, Centrifugal Castings, Shaped Centrifugal Castings), each of which uses the most advanced technologies, with a global production capacity of 1110 tonnes per month. AMPO FOUNDRY is considered one of the best European foundries.
  • Cutting edge machining facilities: AMPO FOUNDRY offers a wide variety of solutions, supplying both rough and finish machined parts. Our machined components provide our customers with important added value, i.e. a reduction in total cost and delivery lead times, in addition to improving quality control. With a view to increasing our machining capacity and giving our customers better service, we are constructing a new 12,500 m2 machining facility as well as investing in intelligent machine tools.
  • Testing facilities in order to carry out Non Destructive Examinations, such as: X-Ray Examination, Dye Penetrant test, Magnetic Particles, Ultrasonic Test, PAMI (Positive Alloy Material Identification), Picking and 3D Dimensional Control.
  • Valve assembly, testing, painting and packing facilities, fully equipped with the most advanced technologies, which gives us the capacity of a fully integrated process.
  • The “Creativity house”, which was inaugurated in 2014 in order to develop creative ideas, and where visitors can find: a museum, a creativity area, meeting rooms, presentation areas, an observatory, a greenhouse, etc.


AMPO is just one hour drive away from BILBAO (International Airport) and at the following distances from other important places: 65 km west of Pamplona, 45km south of San Sebastian and 70km south of the French Border.


AMPO INDIA is located since 2008 in Coimbatore (India).

In 2017 we have inaugurated our 100% owned new plant, which comprises an area about 15,000 square meters with the following facilities:

  • Valve assembly, testing, painting and packing facilities
  • Special welcome areas for customers

From now on AMPO will be able to produce up to 72” size valves in AMPO India, which is an exact copy of the Spanish plant. For that they count with the most advanced equipment technologies of the market, with cranes up to 50 tons, test benches for 2500# valves, etc.