A volunteer from AMPO went to the Pagorriaga rural tourism farm in Beasain in order to work together with a team of professionals to provide therapy for a group of 8 women who had been victims of abuse. This course of action, known as “The Rural Environment as a Source of Health,” was an initiative set up by ner group’s social responsibility team, in which AMPO is very active.

The aim of these sessions was to improve the mental, physical and emotional health of these women. Techniques were worked on to help them manage emotionally and to translate what they had learnt into their daily lives and relationships, thereby improving their quality of life. This therapy was developed in a new, different environment, involving nature and animals.

In addition to conversation and group therapy, a number of different workshops were also held: singing, shiatsu massage, coaching and breaking-in horses, tenderness and theatre.

The therapy was very well-received. Moreover, this group of women said how excited they were and that they intended to pass on what they had learnt to other women in similar situations. They decided to carry on meeting once a month so as to continue with this initiative.