Slurry Angle Valves

AMPO POYAM VALVES designs and manufactures a wide range of angle valves for slurry services, mainly for alumina refineries and other mining applications where corrosion and erosion are present.


Because AMPO POYAM VALVES have been supplying custom-made valves to Alumina refineries since 1978. The main areas for using these valves are digestion, clarification, precipitation and calcination units.

Significant characteristics:

Our expertise and know-how allows us to always offer the optimal solution to any severe service application:

  • Greater stem diameter and wall thickness than competitors.
  • A variety of materials and coatings are available to withstand wear and tear and/or chemical corrosion of the valves.
  • Due to our experience and flow simulation facilities (as working conditions) AMPO can recommend internal coatings and designs to increase valve performance.
  • The regrinding operation is included to avoid sealing problems and increase valve life.
  • Different operations are adapted to the Customer’s plant requirements: Manual, Spur-Gear, Grindbide® (Bevel gear) or actuated (Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic).
  • Designs for customer’s special applications.
  • Customised face to face dimension.