lift plug & switch valves

Lift plug valves and switch valves are especially designed for severe applications, high temperatures, fluids and solids in suspension. These valves are used in refineries, Coker units, FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking), ethylene plants, etc.

The seats are metal to metal (suitable for high temperatures) and are protected against the fluid action (due to the internal position).


Because AMPO POYAM VALVES has been manufacturing Non Lubricated Lift Plug valves since 1984.

The special, screw type operator simplifies plug lift, rotation and reseating, making the valve durable, reliable and economical. The operator automatically compensates for wear and tear and varied operating conditions. The plug can be seated by torque in both open and closed positions.

Significant characteristics:

No lubrication is required inside the body or on the plug for seat sealing, plug rotation, or to prevent sticking. Expensive lubricants are eliminated, and without lubricant, there is no foreign matter in the valve to contaminate the flow material.

Flushing is the supply of a clean fluid via the cavity surrounding the plug in the valve. The flushing fluid thus enters the main line during the operation of the valve, minimizing steam consumption.

The design of this valve is very solid, with few moving parts, integral seats and an integral plug-screw design.