Globe Valves
Function: Globe valves are used for on-off services, providing positive shut off, regulating flow and offering a long, low-maintenance service life. A globe valve is a linear motion valve and is primarily designed to stop and start flow. The disc of a globe valve can be totally removed from the flow path or it can completely close the flow path. The fundamental principle of the globe valve operation is the perpendicular motion of the disc away from the seat. This ensures that the ring-shaped space between the disc and seat ring gradually closes as the valve is closed. This property gives a globe valve reasonably good throttling capability. Therefore, the globe valve can be used for starting and stopping flow and to regulate flow. The major drawbacks to the use of a globe valve are:
  • Higher pressure drop compared to a gate valve
  • Large valve sizes which require considerable power or a larger actuator to operate.
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Significant characteristics: There are three primary body designs for globe valves, namely: T-body (most common body type) Y-body (an alternative for the high pressure drop, angled at approximately 45 degrees) and Angle body (modification of the basic T-type, at an angle of 90 degrees), all designs applicable on Bolted Bonnet or Pressure Seal Bonnet solutions.