Check Valves

Check valves are normally used in systems involving rapid and frequent flow reversals, pulsation or when excessively turbulent flow should be avoided.

Check valves are used to prevent flow reversal in piping systems. They are suitable for horizontal or vertical (up flow through valve only) piping runs.


Because our valves guarantee perfect operability due to the closure integrated on the cover, which is the standard design for AMPO.

Swing Check Valves have a low pressure drop and are best suited to moderate flow applications. Too much or too little pressure may damage internal valves and shorten valve life.

Significant characteristics:

AMPO POYAM VALVES manufacture Lift check and Tilting disc check valves as well as Swing check valves. Lift check valves allow verticality in the pipeline and Tilting disc check valves improve the Cv (flow coefficient) factor.