Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is very versatile and may be used for isolating or regulating flows. It is lighter in weight than other types of valves and requires relatively low pressure drops. Amongst its many advantages are: less wear and tear of the axis, less friction resulting in less torque, a more economic actuator, etc. resulting in a very useful valve.

It can be used with gas, liquid and solid materials.


Because they have been carefully designed and constructed to obtain maximum reliability for long and trouble free service life even under heavy-duty operation.

AMPO POYAM VALVES designs are characterized by the following attributes:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Anti Blow-Out design
  • Perfectly machined sealing surfaces
  • Longer operating life
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Excellent performance for low temperature
  • Innovative packing gland arrangement
Significant characteristics:

AMPO POYAM VALVES offer a very economical solution as a maintenance-free design for metal-to-metal zero leakage capability at cryogenic temperatures.

Low emission stem packing is designed to ensure low emission by using a special material made of GRAPHOIL or any other as specified by the customer, combining thread and flexible rings. The high quality of the machined surfaces avoids emissions. Special testing facilities are also designed by AMPO for testing different types of packing and for certifying processes.

Valves manufactured by AMPO POYAM VALVES can be equipped with a variety of operating mechanisms, such as hand wheel, impact hand wheel, gear, electric actuator, hydraulic actuator or pneumatic actuator. Motorized valves are supplied with the actuators already installed, and torque and position limits correctly adjusted.

Butterfly valves are available as Flange or Butt Weld design upon customer request. The Butt Weld option allows access to the valves for maintenance purposes without cutting the body from the line, due to its top entry design.