High Temperature Service

High temperature

With more than 50 years of experience on valve manufacturing, AMPO POYAM VALVES is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high temperature service ball, gate, globe and check valves, recognized as a leader in quality and innovation. Since 1964, our company has developed advanced engineering capabilities and innovation-driven focus to continuously expand our offer of high technology valves. APPLICATIONS These valves are used in power plants, refineries, chemical fertilizer plants, oil pipelines, steel-making and ethylene devices. A few examples of high temperature services are as follows:
  • CRUDE FEEDSTOCK SERVICE: Crude feedstock subject to high temperature cracking up to 510ºC and coke formation in a Delayed Coker Unit in a Refinery.

    Solution: AMPO POYAM VALVES Non Lubricated Lift Plug valves, with a lifting plug system and a stem flushing service during operation.

  • HYDROGEN CRACKING SERVICE: If steel is in a hydrogen environment of high temperature and pressure, hydrogen attack can occur. Hydrogen is absorbed into the steel, and although the steel may appear fine for a while, it will suddenly lose its strength and
  • ductility. The hydrogen reacts with the carbides inside the steel. This delayed attack is encountered in petrochemical plants, where hydrogen and hydrocarbon streams are at high temperatures and pressures.

    Solution: Selecting and recommending materials as well as special testing to reduce HIC Hydrogen Induced Cracking.

  • POLYSILICON PRODUCTION SERVICES: The process requires expert knowledge of chlorosilane chemistry, as well as experienced handling of valves for hazardous gases at high temperatures and pressures.

    Solution: AMPO POYAM VALVES offers spring-loaded metal seated ball valves in nickel based alloy (Incoloy 800H), with special cleaning and degreasing service.

  • STEAM SERVICE: Valves with a working temperature of t= 650ºC are referred to as high temperature valves; Valves with a working pressure of = PN6.4MPa are referred to as high pressure valves.
In high temperature services, valves are designed while considering the following areas: valve robustness, materials, operability, seat type, temperature transmission, etc. On pressure container vessels, a high temperature is also related to high pressure. These are often services related to plant processes where pressure increases or where high temperatures are used in connection with turbines, pumps or other devices. The high temperature service varies according to the valve design and each valve type has a set high temperature range.