The opportunity to participate in a solid international project

In AMPO we are interested in what you “know” due to academics, professional experience as well as personal experiences.

However, we are also very interested on what you “feel” on how to deal with your professional life in regards to you / us, your skills and creative thinking, as well as a vision and enthusiasm to develop a shared future project to be proud of.

In which area would you like to work?

Administration – FinanceManagement systems (Quality – Worklplace Risk Prevention – Environment)AMPO ServiceInnovation - DesignProductionThe HumanitiesCommunicationSalesProcurementITMaintenanceLogisticsOthers

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Employment opportunities

In AMPO the working environment and personnel development are very important. We feel that satisfaction generates motivation, so AMPO offers the security of a solid project, a good work environment and the opportunity to achieve professional development.

Nowadays, AMPO needs people for: